‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Likely nominations; Andy and Aaryn get mad at Twitter

The latest -There is some pretty great hilarity coming out of the “Big Brother 15” house, and who ever imagined that the entire place would start going bonkers after we ended up losing someone like Jessie from the game. It’s already a somewhat-crazy night, and the most entertaining part of it is that we’re watching Amanda come close to getting a target on herself when she doesn’t need to.

Basically, a good half an hour following the live show was spent wandering around listening to her whine and moan about having lost a challenge that was gifted to her by McCrae, and nobody even put her up until close to the end to compete. If we were Aaryn, or even a nicer version of Aaryn, we’d eventually be annoyed about someone saying basically that they were practically entitled to win the competition that you won, and you had to answer several questions right to do so.

Away from that, the biggest news seems to be the locked-in plan from the 3am Alliance to have both Elissa and Helen on the block, with the former being the public target. However, Helen is the person who the alliance really wants to send home, and the benefit for Aaryn here can be telling Helen that she didn’t want her to leave, but she had to put someone up who would vote to keep Elissa in the game. She’s concerned about having all the blood on her hands, but that is an easy way to fix it.

Also tonight, we’ve seen both Aaryn and Andy complain vigorously about that tweet that Julie Chen read, which was basically a veiled code to Spencer and GinaMarie to actually do something other than sit there and be useless. They think that there have been big moves, and that America basically just doesn’t understand what they’re doing. To us, Judd, Nick, Jeremy are the real big moves of the season so far, but Judd’s the only person of this group on the jury … and his move was done largely for reasons that were wrong.

We’ll have more “Big Brother” updates in the morning, but be sure to also click here if you want to read our full review, and some other updates from the feeds.

Photo: CBS

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