‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’ preview: Makeovers for everyone!

The latest -Makeover day has very much become both a tradition on “America’s Next Top Model” and a guilty pleasure for viewers at home, and there’s largely one reason for that: Getting the opportunity to watch people panic when they realize that something that they attached to their personality is now gone.

But is that going to change with there now being guys in the competition? It at least shifts some of the attention. It would be hilarious to see one of the dudes shrivel up and enter the fetal position after being told they have to shave their head, but based on the preview below, it seems almost like the punishment for tonight’s episode will be instead just having to get their legs and bodies waxed.

We get it: Ever since “The 40-Year Old Virgin,” this is apparently the most entertaining thing ever to many people. We’ve been through it ourselves on “Beauty and the Geek”, but the truth is that while it’s a little painful for a few minutes, it’s not so bad. It just good for TV since it’s visual. We like the “Guys & Girls” twist for the sake of variety, but we’re not sure that it helps the makeover episode at all.

What we’re more interested in this week is seeing how the new looks play into the next photo shoot, which is all about owning who you now are in front of the camera. We said last week that Marvin has to be the early favorite based on everything that we’ve seen, and for the time being, there is really no reason at all to change that unless he suddenly loses some of that awkward swagger he has buy getting his hair made into something new.

Check back tomorrow night for a full review of this episode!

Photo: The CW

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