‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: What jury member should return to the game?

The latest -At the end of tonight’s “Big Brother 15” episode, Julie Chen dropped a bomb on all of us: Like with “Big Brother Canada,” there is going to be a player returning to the game! The difference between that show and this one? That America is not voting for the person to return to the game, and there will instead be a competition.

So who will return to the game? You can probably rule out both Jessie and Candice, given that they did not win a single thing during their time in the game. (Remember, Judd gave Jessie the Veto.) Judd’s not a beast by any means, but he is definitely a better player than either of them. This is going to be a race between him and whoever gets eliminated this coming week.

Based on what is already happening during Aaryn’s Head of Household reign so far, it’s looking like Judd is going to have an even easier time winning this competition. Apparently, Elissa made a snide comment about not wanting to sit next to Aaryn or GinaMarie, and she’s probably going to pay for it. She seems like the target now, mostly because it keeps some of the blood off of |Aaryn’s hands for making a move against Helen. Our guess? She’ll put up her and Spencer (again), and then give herself a backdoor option down the road.

Meanwhile, Amanda is throwing a fit for her inability to win a competition, given that this one was almost handed to her since she only had to beat Aaryn on one final question. McCrae obviously threw it to her, and now he’s worried that he will get sent home over something pretty stupid that he did.

If you want to read some more news from the “Big Brother” live feeds, just be sure to head over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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