‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 summer finale spoilers: Could a character leave the show?

What's next? -Anytime you grow attached to characters on a show, there is a certain tinge of anxiety that comes with a finale, regardless of whether or not you are looking at an end to a season, or just a goodbye for a few months thanks to a hiatus. There’s a possibility of someone being killed off, or someone simply leaving the show with an option to return later.

When it comes to the upcoming season 3 summer finale for “Teen Wolf” (airing on Monday), we are more speaking about the latter: There is a possibility that someone could skip town during the episode, and not be heard from again. According to E! News, someone does decide to leave Beacon Hills, and therein the question now lies in whether or not this same person would come back.

Let’s frame the question like this: If you were one of these characters, would you really want to stay in a town where people are dying? Even if you survive, it’s likely that you are going to continue to be in danger for a while longer, and we’re pretty sure that no establishment, no matter how nice it may be in some ways, is quite worth the constant fear of death.

The summer finale, depending on what happens during it, could be viewed in some ways as a reset. While there are going to be some aspects of this summer story that carry over to the new year, the show is also planning to bring in a new series of characters and mythology to the show, and that should provide another reason for folks who missed a couple of episodes here and there to become immersed once again.

We have more news on this summer finale, including the first promo, over at the link here. If you do want to read some more news, don’t worry: We’ll have it for you soon!

Photo: MTV

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