‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Did Aaryn rat out McCrae and Andy’s plan?

The latest -Even though Aaryn may be a part of the 3am Alliance on “Big Brother 15,” we have a little bit more last-minute evidence before tonight’s show that she is clearly still playing her own game.

While she stopped short of telling Helen during a conversation this afternoon (prior to the feeds going down, of course) that McCrae and Andy were lying to her about their final three deal, she did inform her that while “McCranda” may be trying to act as though they are no longer together in terms of long-term game play, they clearly are. The move that Aaryn is trying to make in giving out this information is pretty simple: She wants to help herself. If Helen doesn’t trust McCrae, it brings her more opportunities to be safe on that end. Meanwhile, she also still has the rest of her alliance … but she is taking a huge risk that this conversation never gets back to anyone in it.

What was then interesting about this conversation is that Aaryn did go back to Amanda and relayed most of it back to her, especially noting that Helen thinks she can control her more so than she can Spencer. Amanda used this for more evidence that Helen needs to go soon, and these two sides are now firmly pitted against each other while Aaryn sits in the middle safe. We don’t know if this was her goal from the start, but she’s got herself in a great spot (sadly, considering that she’s awful and all of that) for the next week regardless of who is in power. Amanda and McCrae would try to get rid of Helen, Helen and Elissa will try to split McCranda, and then GinaMarie and Spencer can be swayed.

We’ll have more of course soon, including a full review; but for now, just be sure to click here or in the attached sidebar for more.

Photo: CBS

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