‘True Blood’ season 6 finale debate: Will Alexander Skarsgard appear?

A surprise -If “True Blood” wanted to keep Eric Northman out of their season 6 finale, they have designed a way in which to do so. By having the character shoot off into the sky like a rocket ship, they created a possibility that Alexander Skarsgard’s character is off doing other things while the residents of Bon Temps try to sort through their lives. He’s detached and almost disillusioned with his life now in the wake of Nora’s death, and this is a wound that will take a tremendous amount of time to heal.

But why would Eric abandon his progenies in Pam and Willa? The answers here seems to be somewhat simple.

1. He doesn’t care right now – He’s aware that Pam is strong and independent, and if need be, she can take care of Willa. Pam also has Tara, who can teach the Governor’s daughter what it is like to live with a set of fangs.

2. He knows that nothing good will come of it – If he stays, he risks an emotional battle with Bill, and the collateral of that could lead to his own “children” getting hurt in the process. Why risk it? It’s better to open a small wound that cause a few scars.

If Eric does return for the finale, we don’t really know what is left for him this season. His attachment to the other vampires save for a savior is slim, and he’s barely been involved in Sookie Stackhouse’s life. For the sake of the finale, and we say this as Eric supporters, it’s almost better if he sits this one out and allows the story to rebuild next year.

Clearly, Eric will be back so long as the character doesn’t meet the True Death. He’s far too popular with diehard fans, and his ties to most of the other characters are far too important. Could he die in the finale? Given that we’ve heard teases about multiple deaths coming up, it’s possible … and there are always people who want Eric dead.

Photo: HBO

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