‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Helen as Coach, Jessie’s last stand, and the best player

The latest -We are basically near the final moments of the “Big Brother” live feeds prior to the live show tonight, and if you want to know who is coming out of this in major trouble, it’s pretty simple: Helen. Jessie was going home either way, but it’s starting to feel more like a situation where Helen’s odds of lasting next week are reasonably slim, depending on who ends up getting Head of Household of course.

For one, you had Jessie at times today running around and bashing her; while the feeds were down for some of this, there are even allegations that she has said she will never vote for her in jury. This led to more squabbling, which Jessie trying to pass the buck and saying that because it was Andy who actually put her on the block, she should really not be the person to blame for bad things happening.

We’re sure that Helen would hate this comparison, but her game is basically becoming Coach’s from “Survivor: South Pacific.” She is making great moves and has some allies around her to protect her at times, but her flaw is that she doesn’t really want to own up to what she is doing for much of the time. Had Coach done more of that, his odds of winning would have been higher. We don’t know if she would turn this around at the end of the game and differ herself from Coach, but she could face a potentially bitter jury, and she needs to both admit to her game and also bring a weaker person there if she wants to win.

For now, Helen is trying to hype up Elissa to win a competition for a change, and if Rachel’s sister does win, Amanda and McCrae are probably going on the block together. Unless one of them then wins, it means a situation where we’ll see the biggest couple in the game split up. The success of the winner is almost surely dependent on what the challenge is tonight.

Right now, the one thing to remember here above all is that Andy once again reasserted his position as this season’s best player. While his biggest issue is that he may be playing in certain ways for third place given his lack of a final two except with maybe Aaryn (that one with Helen seems unlikely), he still has nobody targeting him. We said after a week in the game that he was final four, and it’s easy to stand by it.

If you want to read more news from the feeds prior to tonight’s live show, just be sure to click here. We also have more in the sidebar, and a full review for tonight’s episode will arrive at the end of the show.

Photo: CBS

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