‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 production officially begins

The latest -The wait for the start of “The Big Bang Theory” is over … at least from a production point of view. Executive producer Bill Prady confirmed on Twitter this week that Wednesday marked the first table read of the season, which means that the cast has now assembled and is ready to descend into the world of comic books, video-game deathmatches, and relationships yet again.

In honor of the show starting back up, we thought it best to give you several friendly reminders about what has been revealed on the upcoming season so far.

1. Leonard’s boat trip – The start of the season will feature Johnny Galecki’s character at sea, and we’re hoping that he will still have his hiatus beard that he’s grown the last couple of summers. There will of course be tension between him and Penny thanks to the distance, and she will hilariously have to lean on Sheldon for all people for support.

2. Howard and Bernadette – In what is a nice change from the typical sitcom-relationship progression, there’s no plan to suddenly force a baby on these two now that they are married. There are plenty of other stories to explore.

3. Raj’s new means of communication – With Leonard gone, now is the time more than ever for Raj to use his newfound ability to talk to women as a means to annoy Penny, Bernadette, and Amy relentlessly. He may be able to speak to them, but that does not mean that he is necessarily good at it. Plus, we’re interested in seeing if there are still some rules regarding if he can speak to all women, or just ones that he knows very well.

4. Guest spotsRegina King has been confirmed to be back at some point, and Bob Newhart said last year that he signed up to do more than just the one appearance.

“The Big Bang Theory” season 7 premiers on CBS on Thursday, September 26 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

Photo: CBS

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