‘Top Shot All-Stars’ episode 10 review: William brings his ‘A’ game

William is the one to watch -We’ve seen some really big competitors like Kelly, Gabby and Chee go home already on this season of “Top Shot All-Stars” and now we are down to the lucky 7.

On this week’s episode, Colby raised the stakes once again with a challenge that could make even the best roller coaster enthusiasts throw up. Each contestant was be strapped to a wheel that is 33 ft high and while spinning, they had to take out 20 targets. The person who shoots the most targets wins and whoever shoots the least goes home immediately, leaving the other five going to the proving ground… there’s no messing around this week.

Adam went first and he was at a bit of a disadvantage because the sun was just coming up and it was causing a glare/halo effect making it harder to see, but he still managed to hit 3/20. Phil was next and he had a great run hitting 9/20, bumping Adam down. Next was William and he was a beast taking out 13/20 targets and snagging first place. Next up was Gary and this is his second time taking on the wheel as he did this challenge in a previous season and had a lot of trouble with it. On season three he only hit one target, but this time around he got 6/20, pushing Adam even further into last place. Brian comes up and shoots 6/20 as well bringing it to round count an Gary keeps his position, putting Brian below him. Chris is next and he also shoots 6/20, but with less rounds it gives him the 3rd spot. Peter was last and he came out with a 10/20, which was not good enough to beat William who snagged first place, but at least he wasn’t going home like Adam did.

Chris, Brian, Gary, Peter and Phil were all sent to the proving ground and as usual it’s a bullseye challenge, but this time it’s using a rifle at a long distance. A few of the guys had some trouble making it anyone’s challenge to lose, but in the end Brian and Peter were the two facing off at elimination.

The elimination challenge was pretty interesting where Brian and Peter would be traveling down a zip-line and shooting targets on each side of them. As it has been throughout this competition it was a very close run between the two men, but Brian’s perfect run knocking out all 10 targets managed to beat out Peter’s 9 and it sent him home.

Were you surprised to see Peter go home this week? Who do you think is going to win “Top Shot All-Stars” this season? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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