‘True Blood’ season 6 finale spoilers: Rob Kazinsky teases ‘multiple deaths’

What's up ahead? -After seeing the likes of Terry Bellefleur, Eric’s “sister” Nora, and Steve Newlin die on “True Blood” season 6 so far, we really just have one question left to ask: Do we really have to see another body fall this year? Haven’t we been through enough already?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it; not only is there going to be a character who loses their life during Sunday night’s “Radioactive,” there will be more than one as the show looks to simplify somewhat and get back to basics of what made it popular in the first place. In speaking to “Access Hollywood” in a new interview, one person who is definitely at risk of losing their character in Rob Kazinsky had the following to say:

“It’s been a fairly action-packed season – we’ve already lost a lot of characters and we’ve seen a lot of gore. There’s been a lot of crazy stuff and we have one more episode to finish everything off and I think it’s the most action-packed episode of the season.”

To us, the prospect of this much violence being left shocks us, and for one major reason: We don’t know how much more the series really could have left in it this year. You’ve already killed off so many people, and it felt like they were going to pull a “Game of Thrones” and slow things down somewhat now. Sadly, there will be more people joining the pile instead.

While Warlow has to be a leading candidate to die, we’re also very much worried about Bill given his present state, and even Sheriff Andy could be getting himself in a little bit of trouble in trying to enact some vengeance. As for Eric Northman, we’re a little nervous given his recent behavior … but we don’t even know if his character is going to show up.

Who are you the most afraid for going into Sunday? We just want to hear your thoughts below!

Photo: HBO

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