‘MasterChef’ USA season 4 review: Revenge of the birds

What happened? -Now that Bri has returned to the kitchen on “MasterChef,” the drama of this show is back. We now know that eliminations are for good, and of the group that remains, every single dish counts.

Lucky for Krissy, she did not even need to worry about having to face off in the elimination challenge thanks to her win in the Mystery Box. This turned out to be an extremely valuable win too, since the immunity also came with the opportunity to try and sideline one of the other chefs by forcing a pretty difficult-to-cook poultry dish upon them. Her targets were pretty simple, and with Natasha and Luca leading the way.

Almost the moment that Luca put that turkey in the oven, there was admittedly a HUGE part of us that felt as though his days on the show were numbered. He has constantly been a solid cook, but he’s never had that sort of ¬†winners’ edit. But, he actually executed it pretty well … but not as well as either Bri or Natasha, who are now the team captains.

The biggest issue that we had with this challenge was merely just that it was so predictable. The moment that Jordan brought up his quail that was raw on the inside, and also said what his culinary goal was, it was obvious he was leaving the kitchen. He is still a great young talent, so we really can’t see him having any trouble finding a career down the road. With that being said, it’s now up to James and Luca to carry the torch for the guys.

Overall, what did you think about this episode? If you want to check out some more news and interviews when it comes to the show, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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