‘America’s Got Talent’ results: Did Jimmy Rose, Chloe Channel, Timber Brown advance?

America's Got Talent -We’re not going to be one of those critics saying that “America’s Got Talent” should scrap the results show like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” but there is something that could be said for actually reducing this to half an hour. Basically, the first half-hour of the show is completely useless, but you can keep the Backstreet Boys. We actually enjoyed seeing them again, and they probably got the biggest round of applause we’ve ever seen on this show.

Eventually, we did get to the results, and we had a chance to see whether or not Jimmy Rose, Cami Bradley, Timber Brown, and Taylor Williamson all advanced as we predicted based on the judges. The only wild card? Chloe Channel, given that country singers are known to do very well.

Group One – David Ferman, SensEtion, Tummy Talk, and the Robotix

Could the producers be any more predictable at this point? The past few weeks have featured the first group of acts going nowhere, and that continued this week. The only act that we were somewhat thinking had a shot was the Robotix, mostly just because they had kids in their group.

Group Two – 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra and ┬áCami Bradley

This is us getting the obvious over with. Cami was the strongest act of the night, and was as clear the favorite as Nick Cannon’s tacky shoes were red. We understand that the show is a circus, but your footwear doesn’t have to look like it.

Group Three – Aerial Ice, Jimmy Rose, and Champions Forever

First of all, we got to get to the obvious pick of Jimmy Rose. He’s a male country singer, so of course he got through! We almost thought that this could be a two-for-one and Aerial Ice would go through as well, but they didn’t and maybe they will be back for a wild card show. Once again, though, blame the show for pumping out singers if you want more variety.

Group Four – Timber Brown, Taylor Williamson, and Chloe Channel

This is where things started to get a little interesting. Timber advanced, and we were left with the country singer over the comic. To us, it was a no-brainer that Taylor should advance. We already have enough singers moving on, and Taylor is really funny!

Taylor did end up advancing, but what was particularly surprising was that it came via a voting tie-breaker, and not just the judges. America didn’t put through a country singer? We are shocked!

Do you think that the right people left “America’s Got Talent” tonight? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!

Photo: NBC

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