‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Andy and Aaryn’s chat, waiting, and a lockdown

The latest -During tonight’s “Big Brother 15” episode, we had what was basically the move to seal Jessie’s fate in the game thanks to the Power of Veto Competition. While Spencer is probably more of an untrustworthy, shady dude, everyone knows this … therefore, nobody is ever going to really get close to him and feel the need to send him home.

Tonight also saw the formation of the “3am alliance” on the show, and in a conversation today, Aaryn and Andy reaffirmed to each other that their plan for the time being is to continue to stay loyal to each other for as long as possible. They know that neither party of team McCranda will take him to the end over each other, so it’s the right move to keep her close. Plus, he probably knows that he will beat her in the end just based on being a pretty nice guy alone.

Also, there was news that hit the house about an indoor lockdown. What does that mean? Either rehearsal for the Head of Household tomorrow, or that they are already starting to build on that challenge. If that is the case, then you have to imagine that we’re due for another endurance. Given that we’ve only really had one this season, another one is surely coming at some point this season.

Overall, there is still very little in the house save for lip-service, and a patient waiting period prior to the eviction of Jessie. Spencer is being treated with decorum, mostly because they want him to think he’ll be around for a little longer than he is. Hopefully, there’ll be something more tonight … but we doubt it.

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Photo: CBS

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