‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 spoilers: What’s the meaning on ‘The Lighthouse’?

Get ready -With every “How I Met Your Mother” episode title comes a little bit of joy for knowing one more piece to the puzzle, but also at the same time questions. For example, what in the world does “The Lighthouse” mean when it comes to the name for one of season 9’s later installments of 2013?

This tentative title is for the eighth episode of the season, and of the ones that we have heard thus far, which include “The Broken Code,” “Rehearsal Dinner,” and even the recently-discussed “Mom and Dad,” it is easily one of the most ambiguous, given that there are so many different things that this could be in reference to. For example, is it a location in Farhampton, where Barney and Robin are getting married, or is it some sort of object of great significance? When you look closely at the some of the dates, this installment is likely to air in either late October or early November, which is a key time for ratings. Therefore, we have to at least assume that it is going to be reasonably important.

What does make this season a little bit unusual for us from a speculative standpoint is that really, there is no mystery. You know that in two days’ time, Ted is going to meet Cristin Milioti’s mysterious character, and he will then be sent on the road to finally having that happy ending that he (and many fans) have long been hoping to see. So the only mystery that’s left is how he is going to meet her, if Barney and Robin truly find a way to have a happy ending together, or if Marshall and Lily will stay in New York, or move to Italy for a time in order to have a new experience there working for The Captain.

What’s your take on this title? As always, we want to hear your thoughts / theories below!

Photo: CBS

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