ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Nathan Fillion, a negotiation, and a ‘Client List’ star

The latest -Richard Castle has been in some pretty tricky situations over the years, but despite all of his experience now in solving crimes with Beckett, is this a guy that you really want negotiating the release of hostages? We don’t think so; nonetheless, this is precisely what is going to be unfolding on an upcoming “Castle” season 6 episode.

According to TVLine, “The Client List” actress Alicia Lagano (thankfully getting something to do while Lifetime and Jennifer Love Hewitt quarrel over a renewal) is set to join the ABC show in the role of Emma Briggs, a fugitive who ends up taking a group of people hostage. It’s hard to understand why someone running from the police would suddenly want to put themselves in a situation where they could be constantly observed by them, but we suppose that this is more of a “to each their own” sort of situation.

The major twist to this character is that Emma doesn’t want to negotiate with anyone other than Nathan Fillion’s title character, and that will present a whole mountain of problems, given his penchant for humor and for not following instructions. Why him? Maybe she didn’t like the ending to one of his books or something, but he really does not have the hard history in crime fighting for her to have any sort of other vendetta against him that could evolve into wanting to harm people and force him to negotiate.

This story will take place in the fourth episode of season 6, and by this point, we will hopefully have more of an understanding as to what the future for Castle and Beckett is really going to hold. The issue of the possible engagement should be resolved early on, and from there, it becomes all about whether or not she takes the new job in Washington.

Photo: ABC

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