‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Meet a pair of new characters

What's next? -Just in case “Once Upon a Time” was not (ahem) magical enough for you, how about a pair of new castings to make you even more excited? While neither of these parts are being particularly fleshed out at present, there is still reason to believe that they will be exciting to watch, in addition to the other major characters (Peter Pan, Ariel, Tinker Bell) that we have heard about already.

These two casting notices come to us courtesy of SpoilerTV, and they are actually for the currently-untitled fifth episode of the season.

1. Liam – A former British orphan who is now a captain of a Navy ship. His crew respects him greatly, and to be honest, we have no idea how he fits in to the show. There’s no way the Navy starts popping up in Neverland, right? We can hear already some “Hunger Games” fans chanting that they want Liam Hemsworth for this role (just as One Direction fans would want Liam Payne). Our favorite Liam? Clearly, Liam Neeson, because he has a “unique set of skills” that could show Regina what’s what.

2. Devin – A longtime member of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, who is competitive and therefore likely very confident. We’re happy to have a whole motley crew of folks here alongside Pan, and if this season is a hit, can you imagine a “Once Upon a Time in Neverland” show all about them? Given this series’ depiction of this world, it could be the most-depressing spin-off ever.

In the middle of all this casting news, the world still doen’t know who is playing Ariel or Peter Pan. That’s a little bit strange, but clearly executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis are keeping these things a mystery on purpose.

Photo: ABC

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