‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: McCrae has cold feet on his own wedding day

The latest -There is something that is going to go terribly wrong with Amanda and McCrae’s relationship when they get out of the “Big Brother” house, and it’s pretty interesting in a lot of ways. Before this game, we thought that McCrae would be extremely lucky if he was to ever find himself in a showmance, and for a brief period of time we found he and Amanda were very likable. Then, she started saying racist things, they started fighting, and it was kind of miserable. Amanda seems intent on having this wedding for whatever reason, even though they already were “married” once, and now, they’re having it again.

But is it going to be a happy occasion? McCrae actually told Spencer that he is hoping that a drunk Jessie crashes the wedding, and he also claims that he’s really not that excited about it. He would probably be even more reluctant had he known that America really doesn’t care either, and Amanda is disillusioned by her belief that she is popular and the country would actually want to see this.

As for why McCrae could be nervous about this, the major thing that we can think of is simply this: He really doesn’t want to paint a target on him that is any larger, and having a wedding that is so public to someone so polarizing and could annoy other people seems like a mistake. It also doesn’t help that we think that he’s turned off by some of Amanda’s antics, but realizes that he is stuck with her for the rest of the game because a vengeful Amanda is bad news.

We’ll have an update a little later on … if this of course happens.┬áIf you want to read some more updates from the “Big Brother 15” feeds, be sure (as always) to check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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