‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 5 review: Joshua Hibbard continues to make trouble

Joshua Hibbard is still stirring the pot -Tensions were high last week on “Ink Master” season 3 with Joshua of course stirring the pot (and then winning a challenge with a simple starfish design), so we were curious to see what he will have up his sleeve this week.

The flash challenge: Not only will the contestants be focusing their skills on “value” (transition from dark to light) but they will also be tattooing human canvases with some serious scars. While other artists felt that Joshua did a very simple design, the value in the tattoo is something the judges really loved. Although many people did really great in this challenge, Tatu Baby came out on top, and she has the power to hand out the canvases to the contestants. Everyone pushed for her to throw Joshua the hardest tattoo, but she really wanted to give everyone a tattoo that they are good at. Of course like with every elimination challenge there will be a few tattoos that are more difficult then others and Tatu Baby feels that Joshua’s antagonistic attitude might have to earn him one of those tough tattoos. So did she throw Joshua under the bus?

Elimination tattoo: Not only did Tatu Baby win the flash challenge, but the elimination challenge is a day of the dead tattoo, which is her specialty. We expect (and the judges likely expect as well) that Tatu Baby will have the best tattoo, because she is the expert in this design. The twist for this value challenge is that it is in black and grey making it harder to show value. Tatu Baby gave everyone tattoos she thought they’d be great at, except Joshua who she gave one of the hardest designs to. During the challenge Craig mixed his black and white inks making greys and the judges were not impressed. Made Rich was having some problems with the skin and it was getting really irritated, while Joshua put a background with his day of the dead tattoo, something that we’ve seen sink many great artists on this show.

Judging: The judges were quick to jump on Made Rich for over working the skin and losing the nose on his day of the dead girl. Craig got his first bad critique of the competition where they gave him trouble over using grey ink instead of doing proper black and grey work. They were of course pretty hard on Tatu Baby and even though we loved her tattoo the judges weren’t completely sold on it. Chris had a hard time at the judging and the pressure really hit him hard. After breaking down Jime comforted Chris, but is worried that he might not have what it takes to stay strong under this kind of pressure. Joshua came at Tatu Baby for “wasting” her advantage by giving everyone tattoos they are good at, but she stood by her decision feeling that it’s better to see what people are like at their best.

So who was called back in to see the judges? Made Rich, Craig, Jime and Chris were called back in with Jime having the best tattoo of the day. Craig was called back because the canvas jury named his tattoo the worst of the day, but did he go home after being so strong in the competition so far? Craig was spared and Chris was sent packing. We’re not sure that Chris was the right choice to go home, but at the same time it did seem that the competition was starting to really get to him.

Do you feel that Chris was the right person to go home tonight or did you want to see what else he had up his sleeve? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think and if you want more “Ink Master” season 3 news, just click here.

Photo: Spike TV

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