‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: Sweets’ inner struggle takes center stage

What's ahead -When it comes to looking at all of the scoop so far related to the ninth season of “Bones,” most of it has been pretty Booth and Brennan-specific. With that in mind, doesn’t it feel like the perfect time to share something that is a little bit more specific to another character? With that in mind, brace yourself for a story that is all about Sweets.

Speaking out in a new interview with TVLine, John Francis Daley, who plays the character, teases that we are going to be seeing the fan favorite this season struggle with his identity somewhat in the wake of what happened with Pelant, and potentially even try some different lines of work:

“[He has to figure out if he] wants to keep doing what he’s doing at the FBI. No matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t feel like he’s making enough of a difference in the world. Profiling criminals wasn’t the reason he got into his profession in the first place. So this season will definitely explore that inner monologue that’s going on with him.”

Daley also teases that the opportunity that Sweets will take on this season is one that is going to sound very exciting in theory, but could end up leading to more action and “guns” than what he expected. We like Sweets, and with that in mind, we really want him to stay alive. So please, Sweets, can you just go ahead and do that for us? There has to be some sort of trade-off in here, and that is what we are hoping to see by the end of the season. (Oh, and we also want to see Booth and Brennan get married, but since that has been confirmed already, there’s nothing to worry about there.)

Photo: Fox

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