‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 15 spoilers: How Mariska Hargitay’s Benson moves forward

SVUThe good news for fans of “Law & Order: SVU” right now is that Olivia Benson is going to be seeing the light of day beyond the season 15 premiere. However, this is not really saying anything on the subject of just how she is going to be moving forward. She was in a pretty traumatic situation where her life was on the line, and even for the toughest of cops, you have to know that this is going to make a pretty significant impact on her.

It is for this reason that executive producer Warren Leight teases per TVLine that when the new season begins, Mariska Hargitay’s character is going to be sent down a long, complicated road where she has to try and focus on what she wants out of her life not only now, but also in the future:

“Olivia will very much be dealing with and reeling from her encounter with Lewis. Her character’s got incredible empathy for others and yet has had a hard time looking out for herself. This is the season where she’s talked the talk to others, but she hasn’t had to walk the walk until now.”

Could Benson eventually find a way through this and somehow get out of the line of fire? This is something that we have wondered about for some time, given that this is the fifteenth season coming up, and even for the toughest of cops, change is inevitable in life. Given that there are seven actors who have clocked more than 200 episodes on this show, though, it must be a pretty nice place to work, and therefore, both Hargitay and Benson may be looking to stay on board for a little while longer.

If you do want to read about some of the changes that are going to be happening on this new season, don’t worry: We’ve got you covered starting with the story here.

Photo: NBC

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