Jimmy Kimmel tries to explain Justin Bieber’s bare bottom to the masses

Check it out -Are you confused about Justin Bieber deciding to show up at his grandmother’s house, and on Canadian Thanksgiving no less, with no clothes on? If so, you’re not alone. This bizarre shot was published by TMZ earlier this week, and it led to fans of the singer calling the news organization in protest almost around the clock (almost as though it was the site’s fault for Justin doing something silly).

Well, Jimmy Kimmel now has an explanation for you about what Justin may have actually been doing: Honoring a Canadian Thanksgiving tradition! The video below from last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” episode is completely silly, but we do have to give some credit to the host and his staff for coming up with some sort of way in which to spoof this so quickly. It’s easily one of the most spoofable stories out there, and given that Justin wasn’t really endangering others or harming himself with the photos, it’s something that he can probably laugh at himself … even if he probably did not expect the photos to ever go public.

Probably the biggest misconception people make sometimes about stars is that they are completely lifeless creatures with no sense of humor, and Justin’s ability to make people laugh was shown off quite a bit earlier in his career. We’re just going to assume that the photos are just a racier version of that, but we have to say that we much prefer the prankster version of him that keeps his clothes on.

This is not the only time that Kimmel has had some fun at the expense of Bieber; earlier this year, he had a reporter attend a Los Angeles concert in order to see how far the singer’s fans would go to defend him. As it turns out, they would do almost anything for him.

Photo; ABC

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