ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Another reason for Rick to freak out?

More of the latest -Maybe it is the writing, or maybe it is the performance of Nathan Fillion. Either way, there is something incredibly endearing about watching the Richard Castle character freak out about any sort of random conspiracy theory or crazy story that flies in his direction. Some of our favorite ones from last year come courtesy of him thinking that he was witnessing a “Rear Window”-like killing (which actually made some sense), and also him thinking that Bigfoot was actually responsible for one of the killings that he and Beckett were investigating.

So what could be the latest conspiracy theory to come out today? It’s none other than the possibility of time travel! According to SpoilerTV, the upcoming fifth episode of the season carries with it the title of “Time Will Tell,” and one of the characters being cast for it today is a man named Simon, who claims that he is here from the future.

First of all, we’ll love it if there is actually enough evidence of the claim to make Rick go along with this and believe it, even if “Castle” is not the kind of show to suddenly throw such things as supernatural abilities into the world. It should ultimately make for a pretty fun episode, and that is something that we desperately want to see after so much drama and angst right now over the future of Castle and Beckett following the proposal at the end of last season.

“Castle” season 6 returns on Monday, September 23 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, and while ABC is keeping a tight lid on the engagement, we know that there will be a different sort of time travel that takes place: One involving a time jump of a few months after learning what Beckett wants to do with her future.

Photo: ABC

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