‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal on storytelling, ‘biking’

Sons of Anarchy -While the latest edition of Kurt Sutter’s “WTFSutter” series is not exactly spoiler-heavy or abundant with new subjects that diehard fans have never heard about, it may be one of the more entertaining ones that the “Sons of Anarchy” creator has done. For one, it shows what he and wife Katey Sagal do to relax during their production hiatuses from the show; apparently, it includes going on biking trails and getting exercise. (Thanks to his writing and other duties on the show, Sutter really gets less time off than anyone in here.)

The Q&A format remained intact here, and you can see some snippets from two of his answers below, just in case you’re at work or too lazy to watch the video for some reason.

On continuing to push the envelope and surprise viewers after so many years he said – “My mandate to the writers is to push the boundaries of organic storytelling. We kind of run up to the line of absurdity … But it’s always about how do we do something new and original; I don’t want to do something that I’ve seen in another show.”

On why he set the timeline for the show on seven seasons, and how he came to that conclusion – “I knew I could tell the story I wanted to tell in seven seasons, and I’ve modeled the story arcs [with that in mind]. In terms of how I figured it out, I always had an idea of where I wanted the mythology to go and where I wanted the series to end … After a while the show takes on a life of its own and has its own momentum, and at that point my job is to just point the show in the right direction.”

Now that there are some official details about the season 6 premiere out there, September 10 really feels like it’s not that far away. The biggest thing to expect is simply more surprises, and for the show to try and make you think about what you’re watching, even while you are enjoying it at the same time.

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Photo: FX

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