‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Jessie vs. Helen; GinaMarie vs. Aaryn

Can Jessie make a move? -Finally after a few days of no drama at all on “Big Brother 15,” things are now finally getting much more interesting, and there is really one person to thank for it: Jessie. She may have been utterly useless for the vast majority of the season, especially when it comes to how she sat around and just tried to get out people who were mean to her.

But now, a little bit of eavesdropping on her part has led to a decision to make things very interesting over the next few days. First, she went after Helen, accusing her of plotting against her thanks to all of the silence over the past few days, and Helen fired back that she was plotting against her and Elissa. Gossip over this argument continued all night, with this being potentially damaging to Helen’s game given that Jessie is exposing some of Helen’s “kiss everyone’s butt” strategy that she has had since the beginning. Could be trouble for her next week.

Jessie’s goal now is to just stir up as much drama as possible and split people apart, and if GinaMarie and Aaryn’s “fight” later that led to GinaMarie essentially “chest-bumping” her, and Aaryn running around saying that she was scared later. Wait, aren’t these two in some sort of alliance? Silly stuff really, and we think their argument was based more on “he said, she said” drama and they will be all right.

Gossip has picked up heavily now in the house, with Andy getting upset that Jessie seems to know more then she should, Elissa calling her crazy and jumping on her moral high horse again, and Amanda and McCrae actually doing a good job of staying away from the fires.

But thank you, Jessie. Please continue to spread rumors and reveal alliances to everyone in the house. It’s going to make the next few days so much more entertaining in the end.

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Photo: CBS

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