‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Jessie’s mad at Elissa, and even production is bored

Can Jessie make a move? -How do you really know that this is a dull week on “Big Brother 15”? Based on what Amanda and Andy are saying in the house tonight, production is starting to get so desperate for material that they are basically trying to get them to talk about things that aren’t happening, such as a plan to backdoor Helen potentially in the future, or if there could be a push to get rid of Spencer.

Somehow, we wish that there was a way that these delusional people would finally start to pick up on the fact that their season is no good, but they just chalked up the DR problems today to it being a slow week, and continued to go about their business as they always do. This is why production almost desperately needs to bring someone like Judd back in the game. He’ll clearly be upset over his eviction, and can try to move forward and make some big moves. While Candice would be more drama if they brought back a jury member, we don’t really think that she has too great of an interest in strategy.

The only real reason why there could be a push to keep Jessie right now is thanks to her own personal anger at Elissa, who she feels has been very cold with her, and Helen for ignoring her much of the past couple of days. She’s going to try to make a deal with Amanda and McCrae to stay, but that is still only two of the votes that she would need. She would need to also have to bring in Aaryn and probably GinaMarie to do the deed, or just one of them and have Andy break the tie … and he clearly wants Spencer still in the game a while longer.

We’re almost just waiting at this point for the next couple of weeks to be over, just so GinaMarie, Spencer, and Jessie can all be out and the real playing can begin. Unless production, which has become the hot topic for houseguests today, can stir the pot this is a season that makes last year look even more legendary.

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Photo: CBS

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