‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Helen, Elissa, and the talk over Aaryn’s racism

The latest -There are some conversations that needed to be had at some point on “Big Brother 15,” and one of them was Elissa trying to tell Helen today about everything that Aaryn has said about her, including some of the derogatory stuff from earlier this season. This is hardly the first time that Helen has heard about some of this, but she either continues to just pretend like some of it never happened, or frankly not care since for the time being, Aaryn is a contributing factor to her success in this game.

During this conversation we also saw Elissa try to stand up for Candice more and chide GinaMarie and Aaryn for some of what they said, and Helen seemed to listen. However, this conversation really showed us the major differences that are there between the two’s games right now. For Helen, it is all about winning regardless of who is there with her at the end. Meanwhile, Elissa wants to get out the “evil” in the house just as much as she seems to be interested in getting far.

With JessieĀ stillĀ likely to go home, there’s not much happening in the way of gameplay tonight. However, there are a couple of other moments still worth pointing out:

1. Spencer saying that he might be the most popular train conductor in America right now … seriously. This would be like GinaMarie saying that she’s the most-popular pageant coordinator.

2. A pretty interesting discussion from Elissa about Brendon and Rachel’s wedding special that aired last fall; she said that the “My Fair Wedding” show did so much of the planning that she worries that Rachel missed out on quite a bit.

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Photo: CBS

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