‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Ellen Pompeo and some mysterious mist

More news -We’re still over a month away from “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10 premiering on ABC on Thursday, September 26 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, but the stars are somehow still going to find a way to bring you on the edge of your seat. They also seem to be taking a cue from executive producer Shonda Rhimes, and managing to somehow strike a massive chord of fear inside of you that something terrible could happen.

The evidence? A new post from Ellen Pompeo’s Instagram page, which features the actress seemingly lying down in front of what is meant to look like smoke, but is something on fire? We know that firemen will be a part of the first two episodes of the season, so maybe they are actually there to play hero to Meredith.

Based on what Rhimes has said so far, the only thing that you can expect from Meredith early on in the season is a struggle. Thanks to the past couple of years, she’s gone from being a very independent woman devoted to her job, to a mother of two who has to try and balance her own career pursuits with people that she actually needs to take care of. It’s hard enough having two young children, but it makes it worse that there are a couple of years between each of them, meaning that there is even more work that they are going to have to do in order to just get through the day-to-day. There is also the 200th episode of the show coming up, but the only major detail revealed about it so far is that we are going to see some shifts in setting.

The only character that we know whose fate hangs truly in the balance at the moment? Chief Webber, who was electrocuted at the end of the season 9 finale.

Photo: ABC

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