‘The Bachelor’ debate: Why Juan Pablo Galavis’ season could be highest-rated yet

Juan Pablo -Over the past few years, ABC has tried very hard to set a certain standard as to why “The Bachelor” is a popular show. Is there drama? Definitely, but there’s also a guy at the very center that ladies watching at home would actually want to date. Sean Lowe is just one example of that, and his likability and Southern charm brought the show some of its best numbers that they have ever had.

But could Juan Pablo Galavis’ edition of the show actually end up bringing the show to new heights? We think so, largely for just one reason: New demographics. Do we really think that his selection is going to turn off diehard fans of “The Bachelor” franchise? Hardly. He’s a good-looking Latin guy who loves soccer, loves dancing, and is also a single dad. The only crazy part of his story is listening to him talk again and again about how he has such a hard time dating (yeah right).

Therefore, you’re keeping old viewers around, and you are also putting yourself in a situation where a number of new viewers could show an interest in tuning in and checking out what he has to say. Juan Pablo speaks both English and Spanish frequently on his Twitter, which is an indication to us that the bilingual crowd could flock to his season.

So far, it has definitely looked as though ABC is loving Juan Pablo as their choice from the production side of things. Thousands of women have applied to be romanced by Juan Pablo since the show started taking applications, and that is only expected to continue rising as more and more people are interested (or get forced into it by their “Bachelor” fan relatives).

Photo: ABC

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