‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Waiting for the Veto Ceremony, and little else

The latest -At the moment, it is fairly easy to say one thing about the Power of Veto Ceremony Monday in the “Big Brother 15” house: It’s not something that is going to be a particularly exciting affair. We already know that Andy is sitting pretty with the power this week, and he is the one capable of making decisions as to whether or not to make a big move.

But, he’s still not going to leaving Jessie and Spencer as the targets, with one of them leaving the game Thursday in what is sure to be a snooze-fest of a live show. (We imagine that there’ll be a need for a hometown segment yet again … maybe bring on Rachel to talk about Elissa?) For now, the beauty and the curse of Andy’s strategy is that still, both parties believe that they are going to be safe from eviction, though from the live feeds it is pretty clear that he would much rather keep fighting in the game with Spencer for a little while longer.

As for some other highlights from the house, we’re really looking at a pretty stagnant past 12 or so hours. Amanda and McCrae did more of an unmentionable act late last night, there was more bigotry from her and Spencer using some derogatory terms, and Helen continued to tell the world just how shady Judd is … even if her strategy is to be just as shady, if not more so. The houseguests are up and at it this morning, but their primary objective for the time being is waiting for the next big shoe in the game to drop. Yawn. We just hope that there is something good that comes from having to sit through this ceremony this afternoon.

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Photo: CBS

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