‘True Blood’ season 6 finale spoilers: What will Bill Compton’s next move be?

The finale -Just in case you really had any doubt at all following Sunday night’s “True Blood” episode as to whether or not Bill Compton was really going to die, here’s a valuable clue for you: He’s not. Going into next week’s finale (entitled “Radioactive”) he will at least be back to what he was earlier this season.

While we imagine that most of the larger events happened tonight during “Life Matters,” there are still a number of other loose ends here that really need to be tied up. For one, are vampires really going to be able to walk in the sun forever; and if so, what does this mean for humans trying to defend themselves? Also, are some of Bill’s actions from the past few weeks going to come back to haunt him? We know that Sheriff Andy still looks rather upset, and he has a good reason to be based on what happened to his children.

Then, there is still the whole issue of Warlow, and what becomes of him now that the whole matter of Vampire Camp is resolved. Sookie promised him that they would be together, and she’s not one to break a promise. Unfortunately for her, we imagine that Bill is going to have something to say himself before this is all over.

We almost feel like at this point, there really shouldn’t be another major death before this season is over, given that there would not be any real buildup into it. Instead, it feels almost like the more interesting idea would be for this show, like “Game of Thrones” often does, to use this episode as a launching pad to what could happen next year. “True Blood” may have an opportunity to go back to 12 episodes again rather than their more-recent ten now that nobody is pregnant, and there is a lot of story that can be told in that time.

Of course, we want to hear any and all of your theories about the finale in the comment box below!

Photo: HBO

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