‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ review: Teresa Giudice’s daughter delivers a surprise

Get ready -We all knew that “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” was a dramatic show, but more often than not the drama comes from the women that actually are a part of the cast.

So to see the daughters stir up so much trouble this week was somewhat surprising, whether you are talking about one of them pretending to be something that Melissa Gorga never was (a stripper), or one of them bringing up some pretty terrible memories of the past while out with Joe Gorga. Not exactly a banner night when it comes to the children, and if there is one thing that we’ve learned about kids over the years, it’s this: They don’t lie in sticky situations. They will continue to be honest time and time again, even in situations where it could get those they love in trouble. This more or less proves that there is still some nastiness that is going on behind closed doors, even if everyone is trying to put on nice, kindly airs in person.

Also in this episode, we had some more attempts by Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita to talk things out, and maybe there was some progress here. Maybe. You see, the issue that is starting to come out via the “Real Housewives” model is as follows:

1. During the season, there are some signs of redemption and resolution for some of the members of the cast. We see them struggle, we see them laugh, and we definitely see them fight.

2. By the middle of the season, we really start to think that people are going to turn things around.

3. However, things start to fall apart once again by the end of the season, when you end up seeing that bond fall apart, and then the reunion is downright nasty with everything that has happened since the show ended … and it’s all a set-up for the next season.

We’ll have some more news on the show soon, but know this in advance: There will be plenty more screaming.

Photo: Bravo

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