‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 10 preview: Wren is back!

Pretty Little Liars -Have you missed a certain doctor prescribing some entertainment on “Pretty Little Liars” season 4? We’ve missed Wren; he’s an interesting character, and one that we’ve always felt has something reasonably sinister bubbling underneath the surface just waiting to come out.

Well, we’re not going to get an opportunity to see just yet what that “something” is, but we are nonetheless happy to see Wren back trying to “care” for a certain former patient of his in Mona. He has been assigned to try and figure out what her motivation could be for killing Detective Wilden, but she is not giving him much to work on. We’d say to give it time, but has there really been anything worth noting that Wren has ever done in order to help out Mona? It just seems like his various techniques just end up all falling on deaf ears.

Personally, we believe that Mona sees whatever she is trying to do right now as a sort of distraction in order to figure out who is really the person at the center of this mess. We are assuming that once we do start to figure out a few more details about Ashley’s case, then Mona will probably drop herself down a peg and declare herself innocent, as well. There are only a few weeks now until the show’s summer finale… will this story continue into the new year? While we don’t really want it to (given that Red Coat is still public enemy #1 and the more interesting story), it is rather possible that it could.

What do you think about this “Pretty Little Liars” video? We have another sneak peek over at the link here, Be sure to check back in a day’s time, as we will have another sneak peek then.

Photo: ABC Family

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