‘Under the Dome’ episode 8 preview: Joe, Norrie, and more mini-dome drama

Under the Dome -We’re all for conflict on “Under the Dome,” but even for young people, the argument that we’re seeing in the sneak peek video below seems to be rather childish. This is what happens when you cannot understand what some of your problems are: You instead choose to just pass the buck and blame someone else, even when they don’t have anything to do with it.

In this particular example, we have Norrie suddenly blaming Joe in the sneak peek for Monday’s episode below for finding the mini-dome last week, and basically saying that he set off the chain of events to get her mother dying. She speaks with a tone that almost suggests that Joe wanted all of this to happen intentionally, but he didn’t; instead, she’s just pushing someone away who really seems to care, and in this world, this can never really be a particularly great idea.

Over the first seven episodes, Joe and Norrie (or “Jorrie,” if you will) have developed an online following, but we’re still not sold on the couple in the same way as other people are. For one, their relationship seems to rely heavily on extreme situations; plus, how can you expect them to ever get along if incidents like this continue to happen?

CBS has also released a few other details for this episode, and they suggest that Junior is going to find himself in a particularly unusual position, and Julia is going to learn exactly what this mini-dome is capable of. Following this episode there are only five more left, so whatever plotlines are left should make for some great tension leading up to the conclusion of season 1.

Photo: CBS

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