‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto Competition?

The latest -First off, the sad news for those hoping to see the Zingbot surface today for the “Big Brother 15” Power of Veto Competition: It did not happen. Instead, we had a competition that was based more on the “Win or Fold” tradition that we have seen time and time again on the show.

And who was the winner of it? It’s none other than … Andy! Apparently, Spencer did very well in the competition, Elissa did very poorly, and the Head of Household will hold all of the cards this week to get rid of the person that he actually wants gone from this game.

If we were Andy, we’re not sure that this was a competition that we would have wanted to win. Did he want to ensure that he didn’t have to backdoor someone? Sure, but Jessie was out early, and he’s going to be sending her to the jury after openly lying to her time and time again that she’s not the target. There’s a difference between lying to someone over a big game move, and then just lying to someone more than you really have to. This is the problem he may run into later on.

The good news here is that there is still plenty of time for a move to actually be made. It just seems at this moment almost like it is basically a waste to get rid of someone with no alliances, and is no threat to your game at all. (However, she is a threat to Amanda’s game.) While he won’t do it, he would be smarter to take out GinaMarie or Helen, given that they both are part of twosome alliances, and neither is in his final four plan. (GinaMarie would be the safer bet, given he has been close to Helen at times.)

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Photo: CBS

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