‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: Phyllis Logan, Michelle Dockery, and more teases

What's up next? -This has turned out to be quite the week for “Downton Abbey” fans, hasn’t it? Thanks to the show having a presence at the Television Critics Association this week, we’re really getting quite the enormous opportunity to hear from actors all across the spectrum as to what sort of story is going to be coming up.

In the video interview below (which comes to us via E! Online), Phyllis Logan and Michelle Dockery each have an opportunity to spill a few details on the path that is ahead for some of the characters. While it is always nice to get Dockery’s thoughts on Lady Mary and the phenomenon, it’s somewhat of a treat to get to hear a little bit more from Logan about the Mrs. Hughes character. She doesn’t always get a lot of attention, but is nonetheless still a big part of the ensemble and a definite reason as to why the wheels continue to turn for “Downton Abbey” behind the scenes.

As for whether or not Hughes and Carson could¬†finally¬†have something going on this upcoming season, Logan was coy; however, she does seem to be aware that there are plenty of “Harson” shippers out there. (Yes, we did just now make that name up.) Logan also has a little bit of fun here talking about the Royal Family, and the new child Prince George Alexander Louis.

If you do want to read some more news pertaining to the “Downton Abbey” universe, there is plenty more out there. Michelle Dockery gave a plethora of other interviews during TCA week, and we’re going to have more to share in the weeks ahead.

While there is no firm premiere date (sadly) for the show in Britain just yet, we will return to Downton in America on Sunday, January 5 on PBS.

Photo: ITV

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