ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Guillermo Diaz has hope for Huck flashbacks

What's next? -If you look back at some of the seminal moments of “Scandal” season 2, there is one that does stand out to us immensely: “7:52.” This was a landmark hour for the Huck character that showed his emotional deterioration, and also gave us a sense of just how much the man had in his life before he lost it.

But could we see more of his former love and son again? There has been no confirmation (sadly) yet that we’re going to see any more of Jasika Nicole, but given how great she was both on this show and “Fringe,” we cannot see this being a situation where anyone on board the show would not want to have her back. Just see, for example, what Guillermo Diaz had to say per Entertainment Weekly as an example of the love that is out there for this character and Nicole on set:

“I would love to see her again and have more scenes with her and [his son]. I hope Shonda [Rhimes] brings them back, but I don’t know yet.”

Given the amount of emotion and care Shonda puts into these stories, our jaw would be on the ground if we were somehow unable to really see where this story is going to progress for these two. The challenge early on this season is going to be fitting in the Huck storyline with everything else going on. We know that Olivia Pope’s backstory is going to be a focus, as is getting an opportunity to see what happens next with David after his shady side was revealed. When you throw in Fitz and Mellie, this is quite a bit to take on.

But there’s still hope for a little later on in the season. “Scandal” returns to ABC on Thursday, October 3, and the production is still in the earlier stages.

Photo: ABC

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