‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: We dream of Zingbot

The latest -It’s a quiet day so far in the “Big Brother 15” house, but that is about to change very soon. Why? It’s really just an issue of waiting for the Veto Players to be chosen, and the actual competition to begin.

When it comes to the likely results of the competition, this is really not something where we expect much in the way of drama. Almost surely, we will be seeing Jessie lose (given that she has not one a single one yet, given that Judd gifted her the Veto last week) and leave the house come Thursday night. What we and many others are admittedly more excited about at this point is the opportunity to see the return of an old favorite, or at least one from the past three seasons: The Zingbot.

Late this morning on the west coast, Andy in particular made it clear that he wants to see some people zinged, and we agree. Can you zing Aaryn for anything other than the racism? This is one of the only opportunities production has to show these people how they are being perceived outside of the house, and there could this be an opportunity for some hilarity to pursue. It really all comes down to whether or not they want to go in that direction given that you could do the same thing with Spencer, GinaMarie, or Amanda at this point. (We just hope that the Zingbot doesn’t pass out this time around in the heat, which was rumored to happen last year based on feed conversations.)

The timing here is about right for the Zingbot to come in: He likes to surface after the jury, but also while there are enough people left to zing. If he’s not here today, he will probably turn up next week.

If Jessie wins, the plan still seems to be to backdoor GinaMarie. Do you want to know more about why? We have all of that information for you in our previous article here. You can also check out some of our most-recent updates in the attached sidebar.

Photo: CBS

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