‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The ‘3 a.m. alliance,’ jury politics, and plans

The latest -The biggest news of the night in the “Big Brother 15” house, following the confirmation that Spencer and Jessie are yet again the nominees, was that we finally got ourselves an official name for that alliance of Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, and McCrae (otherwise known as the alliance that Judd was replaced in). This is definitely not the “Goof Troop” anymore; instead, it’s the “3 a.m. alliance.” Get it? Three of the names start with an A. We could mock it further, but anything we guess is a step above the Regulators or the Friendship in the realm of terrible alliance names from this show.

Also interesting tonight is the revelation that the houseguests got to re-record their goodbye messages to Candice, since they did not know previously that she was going to be on jury. We’re not actually a fan of this, given that it would have been much more entertaining to see Candice try to use some nasty farewell speeches against them later on when she’s helping to decide the winner. We do figure that there are still many who would probably prefer above all to see Candice or Judd just re-enter the game, largely to cause chaos and keep someone terrible from winning.

The plan for the next few days now seems to be set firmly in stone. The Veto Competition tomorrow is a must-win for Jessie, and if she loses, she’ll need a miracle to save herself. GinaMarie is an alternate target, and the reasoning behind it is hilarious from an outside point of view: She’s somewhat of a threat to win at the end because she needs the money. There have been people actually saying that they hope she wins America’s Favorite, but we all know already that this is not going to happen. How do you think that she wins that, given what she said to Candice Thursday night? How delusional are some of these people?

If you want more delusion and comedy from the feeds, we’ve still got you covered even following the sad eviction of Judd. You can see it all over at the link here, or in the attached sidebar.

Photo: CBS

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