‘Magic City’ series finale: Reflection, and words from Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Magic City is over -Only a matter of days after the news was first unveiled that Starz was canceling “Magic City,” a show that so many once had great hope in to be the next great period drama, the show came to a come on Friday night. It’s a weird sort of emotion to feel, since you know that there could have been so much more here to give had the series lasted longer. There was a great cast, and while this talent did not always come together in some of the scenes, there were also some moments that have probably not received their proper due when it comes to the media.

We are going to miss the show, largely in the way that we miss all quality programming out there. It’s biggest flaw was coming on a network that is still looking for its original voice, and it seems to be better suited for more genre programming based on some of what it has coming up.

The one person that you have to say is a real trooper in all of this is star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who basically never gets enough credit for anything. Rather than being angry about the show’s cancellation, he told Entertainment Weekly that he is ultimately grateful for the time that he did have with the show on the air:

“We knew we were on the fence, as every show is on Starz. There’s no such thing as a solid foundation there right now. So without them saying we were going to get picked up for another year, when that didn’t come immediately, we sort of knew. I had my red flags flying the minute Boss was canceled, really, and they cut our initial season order from 10 to eight [episodes]. I think there were red flags popping up all over the place at a very early stage. But you’re always holding out hope that the network is going to back a great show, which is what we had. Sadly, they see it another way. But you know, we were fighting such an uphill battle. … But I don’t run a network and I don’t want to come off as some bitter f—ing actor, because I’m not. I’m really so thankful for the opportunity they gave me and they gave [creator Mitch Glazer] to tell his story. So, you know, in the end, it is what it is. And because of that, we got 16 hours of fantastic television.”

Now, let’s just hope that Morgan is able to secure some more series regular work, along with everyone else that is a part of the cast. Like with “Boss,” we hope that fans of Starz remember the show, and at least appreciate that they had a chance to run for two seasons.

Photo: Starz

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