‘Sharknado’ comes up with a sequel title, is equally great as ‘Sharknado’

Sharknado is back -When we first heard that Syfy and The Asylum’s camp treasure known as “Sharknado” was going to be having a sequel, we started to run through our head what the criteria for the perfect name for the project would have to be. It would almost seem like coming up with a clever name for the sequel would be an insult as to what the original was all about, which was just cheese and more cheese with corny lines left and right.

Therefore, we have to say that the announcement of “Sharknado 2: The Second One” is absolutely perfect. The network took pitches from Twitter, and while this was probably not the best one that was pitched it’s definitely the best one for this project for a number of reasons.

1. Think about when you’re talking with your friends at a bar about watching “Sharknado” one night; you’re probably not going to remember the sequel’s actual name. You’ll instead just say “yeah, I saw the second one,” and boom! That just happens to be the name of the actual movie.

2. This manages to actually top out some of our other great prospective titles, which included the likes of “Sharknadoes” (just make it plural, “Great White Sharknado,” “Sharknadoquake,” and “Tara Reid has More Work.”

3. The fact that the title itself is repetitive is rather brilliant, especially considering the poster above for the first one basically proclaims that there is really nothing more that needs to be said than “Sharknado.” By that token, we considered it to be the Hodor of movie posters.

You may laugh at our undying love for the Sharknado, and we get it: We’ve already written countless articles about it, which means that we’ve probably put more thought into this than the movie ever intended for us to. We’re just wondering now when other studios are going to try and combine their own natural disasters with crazy animals. (We’ll skip out on “Spidercane.”)

Photo: The Asylum

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