‘Whodunnit?’ episode 8 preview: Is this the best promotional shot ever?

The latest -Whodunnit?” fever is starting up for Sunday night’s all new episode, and for many reasons. How kooky is Giles, our ultimate guilty pleasure and current reality TV spirit animal, going to be this time? Also, are there going to actually be any real clues to the killer’s identity? We’re hoping for plenty of both, and maybe also some clever editing that does not make it obvious who is going to die minutes before they do. (Note: It’s always the person who seems perfectly self-assured that they are going to be fine.)

Before we say much else, though, we have to comment on this picture here for being kind of hilarious. If Kam has to do crime-solving in a robe, and if Melina has to do it while sporting a face mask, it will be easily the greatest investigation ever. Plus, we want to see Kam try to look commanding and intimidating in this outfit.

ABC also revealed an official synopsis for this episode recently, and it hints at something that could be very important to the way in which the investigation into Ronnie’s death is handled:

“With only a handful of guests left, the killer is getting more and more inventive, somehow turning a hot tub into the scene of the next victim’s frozen demise. If that weren’t enough, the remaining four guests are thrown a curve ball when Giles announces that there’ll be four instead of the standard three locations to investigate -a mystery location has been added, and they’ll have to compete to see who will get access to it.”

If Melina wins this access, for example, everyone will be at her mercy, and it becomes a game of trust to a relative degree. The smart thing for the remaining contestants to do would be to try and freeze that person out in an effort to keep themselves in the game, but if she has the power, she could have an advantage. The one thing that we do have to say right now is this: If Melina survives this week with little information, does that automatically make her the killer?

We’re going to rank the final four tomorrow, but here’s a teaser for what is going to be a pretty major theme: Kam and Cris are firmly in the driver’s seat.

Photo: ABC

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