‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Nominations, an Amanda / McCrae debate, and more

The latest -Nominations – Let’s start this “Big Brother” update off with what so many of you obviously want to know the most about: Who is on the block. It was pretty obvious that Jessie and Spencer would be the nominees again, and that is the case. This is the third straight run that they have at least sat in the chairs at some point, and Jessie is the target … for now. If she wins the Veto, expect GinaMarie to become the target instead so that Andy can get rid of a player without ruffling many feathers.

More Candice-bashing – Yes, GinaMarie still cannot let Candice go, and she is relentlessly attacking her in the house time and time again and talking about how she is not “classy” … as if talking about her without Candice being present is somehow classy.

Amanda and McCrae chatter – There are a couple of interesting things to point out here with the showmance. For one, Amanda has apparently told McCrae that if they are both on the block together, she will try to fall on her own sword and save them. It’s almost like the opposite of Brendon and Rachel, or what Jordan tried to do with Jeff in the past, but, it’s probably not going to work if the house wants McCrae out (which they should before Amanda, given that he is way more of a threat).

Meanwhile, they are already plotting next week to try and backdoor Helen if they can, which is somewhat smart, but also risky given that with her gone, Amanda becomes instantly the biggest threat in the house when it comes to running the show.

Everyone’s still confused on Judd – Finally, the houseguests have managed to jump to conclusions with Judd one final time, thinking that he will be a vengeful juror because production took all of his cigarettes.

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Photo: CBS

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