‘America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls’ review: Is Marvin the early favorite?

The latest -After a pretty entertaining first week of “America’s Next Top Model” action, this “Guys & Girls” cycle kicked into high gear with what everyone really wanted to see last week: Panels, crazy comments, and words that only people who have watched this series over the years would really understand.

Runway Challenge – Before we say anything else, do you think that Tyra Banks really needed to name something else in this competition after her? The Tyra Suite just sounds like a palace full of smizing and booty-tooching and a million other things that no other normal human would understand. Congratulations, you get to sleep under Tyra’s face!

The honor went to Renee this week, who delivered when it came to the challenge of being suspended in the air while “modeling” down a building. Not something that any real model would have to do, right? Meanwhile, Mike and Bianca were downright awful. Both of them were like lost children in various parts of the competition; for Mike, it was on the runway, and that is more troubling to us given that Bianca really does not have to do many photo shoots that challenge her in midair.

Photo Shoot – Okay, so first of all, we barfed having to hear from Jourdan again that she was married at 18 and divorced at 18. How many times do we really need to hear about this? Also, Kelly decided that she was going to also form a major vendetta against Chlea thanks to her behavior at the photo, and docked her major points in the process.

Jeremy & Jourdan – Where is the love? These people are supposed to celebrate not wearing any clothes together! Jourdan was awful, and this was just an excuse to bash the ex again.

Alexandra & Mike – Mike’s got no clue what is going on at times, being that he has no experience in this at all. Alexander was just waiting for this mess to be over.

Cory & Chlea – They did not do Cory any favors by making him be a biker; he’s long been criticized for not being masculine, so why make him into a biker here? Chlea rocked it; Cory, not so much.

Don & Chris H. – Chris had no idea what being in a gay wedding meant, but gave a great photo anyway. Don really was amazing, though, which is a nice turnaround for a pretty conservative guy.

Kanani & Jiana – This was a tale of two halves; Jiana was awesome, Kanani not so much as a part of this lesbian couple.

Phil – Are they making Phil into even more of a goof than he already is at times? They definitely seem to be trying by making him fall in love with a remote control.

Nina, Marvin, and Bianca – Marvin is the lovable idiot of this season. He’s got no game whatsoever, and he thinks that he is the next reincarnation of Don Juan.

Renee & Chris S. – It’s the interracial hip-hop wedding! This was so cheesy, complete with guys with chains and money dropping all over the place. This shoot offended every rapper alive.

The elimination – Wait, Bianca went home already? This elimination was surprising because we not only saw her leave, but Chris S. and the terrible hip-hop picture joined her. Somehow, Mike stays for having the worst walk that the judges have ever seen, and being ridiculously drunk the night before and falling asleep in the confessional room. The downside? He did lose Bianca, who was the girl he was most interested in.

With Marvin being declared the winner this week, and with him being in the top two of the runway challenge, we have to ask: Is this guy the favorite to beat all of the girls and take home the prize? We want to hear your thoughts below!

Photo: The CW

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