‘The Newsroom’ season 2, episode 9 preview: Olivia Munn plays a new crisis as Sloan

What's next? -Allow this to simmer into your brain for a minute: By the time that Sunday night’s episode of “The Newsroom” season 2 is at an end, the show will already be more than halfway through their entire second season. Given that even many critics have been positive on this past episode, there is hope that some of the best storytelling is still to come as Aaron Sorkin’s “News Night” train starts to slowly pick up some momentum.

Unfortunately, we are admittedly a little worried about the direction that they are taking for Olivia Munn’s Sloan Sabbath on Sunday night’s show. It’s hardly something that is surprising, given that this is pulled from the headlines of many famous men and women, but it is also something that seems slightly out of character for a woman that is often cautious with many aspects of her life.

Basically, Sloan finds out that a very recent ex-boyfriend decides that he wants to take a little bit of revenge out on her, and begins posting a series of inappropriate, private photos on a website. This leads to a major invasion of privacy issue, and a mad dash by her, Charlie, and the ACN brass to figure out what they want to do. They can send lawyers out there to remove the images, but for many people (after all, this is the internet), they will already have some of the lewd pictures saved on their hard drives. Meanwhile, Sloan seems particularly resigned to the fact that they are out there, and says that she took them by her own free will, even if this wasn’t her intention for the world to see them.

Hopefully, this story is going to be a part of something that makes Don take on a caretaker role, and the two grow closer together. Otherwise, it could be somewhat of a distraction for everything else going on with “News Night.” Munn acts the scene well, but for both this story and the boyfriend to come out of left field, we better have a great explanation behind it.

Photo: HBO

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