‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Let’s laugh at Bryan Cranston for a minute…

Ready for fun? -Who doesn’t love a good blooper from time to time? They’re silly, and they come as a nice distraction to everything else in the world. “Silly” is also likely the last world you would ever think about when imagining “Breaking Bad,” and that is what makes the video below so enjoyable.

If you look below, you can see a vast assortment of highlights from the show’s fifth scene gone oh-so terribly wrong, with Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, and others each getting an opportunity to flub a line or two. (Hey, it even happens to Emmy winners sometimes.) These clips are from the first five episodes of season 5, and is also a treat for those of you out there who go out and purchase the DVD.

Probably the biggest repeat offenders in this video are Cranston and Betsy Brandt, which really should not come as much of a shock given the pair’s comedy chops. We imagine that only a select few realized just how funny Betsy was prior to her landing a part in the upcoming “Michael J. Fox Show,” but everyone’s known for quite some time that Bryan comes from the “Malcolm in the Middle” world.

By the time that Sunday night rolls around, no one will be laughing in Walter White’s world. Anna Gunn and others have teased that this will be the darkest handfuls of episodes that “Breaking Bad” has ever done, and really at this point, do we have any real reason to doubt it? There’s a potential for a high body count, and for more iconic moments that make “I’m the one who knocks” look like a standard “cooking” trip.

Photo: AMC

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