ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: Darby Stanchfield hopes for happier Abby

More scoop -For the upcoming third season of “Scandal,” there is of course going to be plenty of drama. (Hey, would you really have it any other way?) But, there are as always going to be questions as per relationships. Last year saw the focus planted mostly on either Olivia / Fitz, but there were some moments where some other couples entered the field of metaphorical battle.

One of these said couples just so happened to be Abby and David, and there are of course questions about what’s coming up for them. If you are hoping for the season to pick up and the pair are going to be hunky-dory, we have some news for you: You’re probably going to be disappointed, based on the betrayal on David’s part at the end of season 2.

Speaking to E! News, Darby Stanchfield made it pretty clear that based on some his actions at the end of last season, we’re probably not going to be seeing Abby feeling altogether great about David at the start of the season:

“It would be nice for Abby to be happy. She’s had the school of hard knocks. Especially at the end of last season, it was a bitter pill to swallow that David pulled one over on all of them. And what she doesn’t like is liars and cheaters!”

Could this change as time progresses? It’s possible, but it’s really going to take some work for everyone involved in order to make it happen. For now, Stanchfield seems to be much more interested in seeing her character move forward.

What do you want to see happen with Abby moving forward on “Scandal”? Just in case you really can’t keep yourself from any and all scoop related the show, click here to read some more news about Olivia, Fitz, and some other characters.

Photo: ABC

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