‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: More on romance for Lana Parrilla’s Regina

What's next? -Could love be in the air for the Evil Queen on “Once Upon a Time” this coming season? You’ve probably heard some of the rumors at this point, given how some of them date all of the way back to Comic-Con, however there are still a few mysteries out there, including who this target of her affection could potentially be, and also when they will first show up.

Luckily, we’re here with at least an answer on the latter. Speaking in an interview with TVLine, Adam Horowitz confirms that the new love interest for Lana Parrilla’s Regina will surface within the first five episodes of the season, but not necessarily in an expected manner. This could serve as proof that we’re not looking at Captain Hook, or someone else that we have met on the show previously. (Apologies in advance to shippers out there that want her to be with an established face.)

The issue for Regina is not so much whether or not somebody has feelings for her; it’s whether she can actually reciprocate. It’s almost like a magic-fueled, much more awesome version of “The Bachelor” when you’ve taken a woman far in the competition, but can’t quite figure out if she’s into you nearly as much as you’re into her. Then, you run the risk of her turning down your proposal and humiliating you on national TV. (We’re sure ABC appreciates the cross-promotion metaphor here.) Regina holds her cards very close, so whoever this love interest is, they better be prepared for the possibility of rejection.

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Photo: ABC

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