‘Big Brother 15’ review: Helen compares Aaryn to Janelle Pierzina

Helen went too far tonightTonight on “Big Brother 15” we are finally going to see our first double elimination of the season and the houseguests learn that whoever is eliminated tonight will be the first members of the jury. Another happy surprise? The MVP twist is over. Everyone is pretty certain that Candice will be sent out at the first eviction, but Julie Chen is trying to pump the audience up for a possible Amanda blindside. Is it going to happen? Doubtful, but lets see.

Amanda eats crow: After fighting with Jessie, Spencer and Candice, she’s decided to try to do some damage control by apologizing. Amanda is also worried that her alliance is falling apart because of her outbursts and they tell her to get her attitude in check.

Jessie pushes the vote: She is pushing hard for the house to get Amanda out, telling Judd that if Amanda doesn’t go she knows that she will go home next, but because of his alliance with Amanda he doesn’t want to do it. Jessie talks to Helen and she speaks to Andy about the idea saying that Amanda and McCrae are far too comfortable in the house, but Andy feels it’s too early.

1st eviction: Candice’s goodbye speech was fantastic, she completely put GinaMarie on blast, and this was followed by Spencer’s goodbye speech where he thanked his job (he still doesn’t know that they let him go for the awful things he said). Best eviction speeches ever! So who was the first jury member? It was of course Candice with a unanimous vote (the unitard curse continues) and as she left the house GinaMarie tells Candice (who’s adopted) that her mother doesn’t love her. If you didn’t have enough reasons to dislike GinaMarie before, you do now.

HOH: It’s a “more or less” quiz and with the pressure of a double eviction everyone was on edge. It was a very short challenge and Aaryn came out on top making this her third HOH win this summer. If she wasn’t such a jerk we’d be happy for her, but instead we’re just worried for Jessie. We hope that this time around Aaryn decides to make a big move instead of letting Helen manipulate her.

Nominations: Aaryn had a very short time to make a decision, but Andy, Amanda and McCrae were quick to get in her ear. Aaryn’s afraid of making too many waves and doesn’t know what to do, which means we’re in for a lame nomination which was of course Jessie and Spencer.

Veto: Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn, Judd, Amanda and Andy all played for the veto and if Jessie doesn’t win she’s totally toast. Unfortunately, Aaryn also wins the veto. Is karma on vacation? How is Aaryn winning everything? Aaryn is told that if she doesn’t put up Judd she’s going home so she takes Jessie off and puts Judd up.

2nd eviction: So did Judd get evicted? Boy did he ever, but everyone going into the diary room was very tearful over his eviction, except for Helen, who we know is the person that threatened Aaryn into putting Judd up after seeing Helen call her this season’s “Janelle”. Really Helen? You’re going to compare Aaryn, the puppet of ‘Big Brother 15″ to Janelle Pierzina one of the greatest Big Brother players of all time? Completely ridiculous.

Do you think that Aaryn should be compared to Janelle? Were you surprised to see Judd and Candice go to jury? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. Also if you want more “Big Brother 15” spoilers, be sure to check out our live feed coverage here.

Photo: CBS

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