‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Judd picks the worst time to fight with Jessie

The latest -During tonight’s double-eviction episode of “Big Brother 15,” it is looking very much like we could have something that happens that really throws America into fits of confusion. A few hours ago, it looked almost like a sure thing that we were going to be seeing Jessie as the one leaving the game in the second part of the double-eviction; now, Judd really has to win this if he has any hope of staying in the game at all.

How does this happen? You really just have Helen to blame. Thanks to the feeds being down most of the afternoon (they’re back now, which we hope means that there is no pre-tape for the show), we missed some of what was the start of a fight between Judd and his so-called showmance partner. The two yelled at each other for some time, Judd apparently told her to “shut the f*** up” at one point, and then she started crying and refuses to accept his apology. Helen has claimed some ownership for the fight, saying that she helped to instigate conflict to ensure that the two did not support each other in the game.

Judd does actually seem to be remorseful for some of what happened, but he also thinks, per a conversation between him, GinaMarie, and Spencer, that some of the tears were fake. He really has to hope now that one of these two, himself, or Aaryn wins Head of Household, since he will otherwise be heading out the door.  McCrae could also keep him safe, but there will be pressure there.

The funny thing about Judd being in trouble tonight, though, is that it represents CBS’ own tactic of having twists to get rid of the people that they don’t like, only to have it blow up in their face. So far, America’s MVP has not put up anyone who has actually left the house, and now the suspicion about Judd being MVP is really what had started Amanda’s campaign to get him out to begin with. This is bad news for the show if he leaves: He’s one of the more well-liked contestants among casual fans, and save for a few nasty words (but not on the level of some of the racist comments that other people have made), he’s been one of the least-controversial male players.

What we can ultimately say here? This was the worst time ever for Judd to have an argument.

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Photo: CBS

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