‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Double eviction preparation underway

The latest -There may not be too much in the way of information to share today in the “Big Brother 15” house, and there is one good reason for that: Trivia is already up and running. Does this mean that it will stay up for the rest of the day? Not necessarily. Producers could throw a curveball at us and the show may not tape for a few more hours, just as they may surprise us with something more dramatic with the “Reset” button to keep Candice in the house or add some drama to the season.

Considering that everyone was in bed last night at a fairly reasonably time (at least by their standards), we have a feeling that someone must have informed them about an early wake-up call this morning. There was really not much in the way of action on the feeds this morning, save for some general chatter and the start of a likely HoH room lockdown to prepare for everything that will be going on tonight.

Ultimately, it would not surprise us if the feeds are down for most of the afternoon, and if the eviction show was pre-taped earlier in the day thanks to the amount of content that is going to be worked into this episode. Candice could choose to go down in a blaze of glory, and if Amanda or someone else chooses to verbally retaliate, then there may need to be some footage that is cut from the broadcast. These episodes are always pretty crammed with everything that is going on, but there’s no better program out there if you want your television to stress you out. (Then again, it probably won’t be as stressful when there are so many people in the house that we really don’t care about.)

What you need to know is still simple: Candice will be evicted tonight pending something crazy today, with the second eviction likely being either Jessie or Spencer. The “reset” button teased by Julie Chen will probably just mean the end of the MVP, but our dream scenario is as follows: A plan to stop the MVP if one person presses the button, but that means that nobody goes home. Then, Candice wins Head of Household and evicts Aaryn. This could be the greatest thing of all time, even if it does ruin some of the “integrity” of the game. (At this point, we just prefer less racism.)

If you want to see what happened in the house last night, along with more on this possible “reset” twist, just be sure to click here.

Photo: CBS

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